Wynberg 175: Wynberg Boys' Junior School taken hostage by friendship

Monday 21 November: as Wynberg Boys’ Junior School Headmaster, Mr Cedric Poleman, prepared to address the boys at the regular Monday Assembly in the Lorie Hall, the ordered discipline was disrupted by a commotion outside the closed doors.

The order of service shattered as the doors were flung open and the Hall invaded by a uniformed delegation of gate-crashers.

Led by the Headmasters of Bishops Prep, Western Province Prep, Rondebosch & SACS junior schools, accompanied by a trained pianist, and supported by a combined schools’ cohort of choristers -  armed with a painting, the ‘occupation’ had clearly been a well-planned manoeuvre with Wynberg informant collaboration.

Uncharacteristically at a loss for words, Mr Poleman was boxed in by the suited Headmasters, while Ms Spencer-Jones was unceremoniously hustled from her position at the piano. The shock on the faces of our Wynberg lads was compounded as immaculately dressed lads from Wet Pups, Bishops, Bosch & SACS stormed the stage in columns of two.

The take-over was complete, in less than a minute and for the first time in our 175 year history, Wynberg was completely at the mercy of our brother schools!

What happened next will surely be a lifelong memory for all inside the Lorie Hall that morning, and be written fondly into Wynberg’s history: as the lads on stage stood bravely facing all seven grades of Wynberg Men, the silence was broken by familiar notes from our piano launching the stage choir into a magnificent rendition of our School Song.

Surely for the first time in our history, the voices of the top Cape boys’ schools sang in unison: “Supera Moras makes us one”.

As the music finished, the Headmasters presented Mr Poleman with a magnificent painting in recognition of Wynberg’s 175th milestone.

In Mr Poleman’s words: “An incredible tribute to Wynberg and our relationships with our brother schools, a humbling and memorable morning with our friends and rivals. Heartfelt thanks to Messrs Greg Brown (Bishops - and a Wynberg Old Boy), Francois Nel (SACS), Tony Ryan (Bosch), Simon Weaver (Wet Pups) & Reon Jacobs (Piano Maestro) and their combined schools’ choir.”

Video: Ish Dollie, Photos: Chandre von Molendorff, Report: Chris Merrington

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